What is an outdoor security camera? Things to consider when installing it outdoors!

When installing a security camera outdoors, you can choose whether to rely on a professional or install it yourself. Here, we will explain the case of installing it yourself.

The following image shows an example of how to install a security camera outdoors.

As wiring from indoors to outdoors is necessary, in some cases, construction may need to be considered. Furthermore, there are functions required for the camera itself, as well as items unique to outdoor installation, so we will explain them in detail here.


Lightning protection with a surge protector! To prevent malfunction…

The biggest difference between outdoor and indoor installation is the need to prepare for natural phenomena such as rain, wind, and lightning. In particular, a “surge protector” or SPD, as shown in the image, is necessary to prevent system malfunctions caused by lightning strikes in the vicinity, known as induced lightning. This device can protect the camera system from electrical surges caused by lightning strikes and prevent potential damage.


Demand for outdoor camera functions

Waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof

The camera is constantly exposed to rain, wind, and dust when installed outdoors. If you access the product page of the camera, and there is a feature description of waterproof, dustproof, shock resistance, weather resistance, etc., it should be fine.

“IK” represents impact resistance, and is represented by numbers from “IK00” to “IK10”, with higher numbers indicating higher resistance. “IP” is divided into waterproof and dustproof categories, and in the image “IP67” means that waterproofing is rated at 6 and dustproofing at 7. As with “IK”, higher numbers indicate higher resistance.

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Operating temperature

When it comes to outdoor use, temperatures can fluctuate significantly depending on the season. Therefore, it is important to check the operating temperature of the camera you are going to install.

Especially in areas where winter temperatures are severe, the required operating temperature can also vary, so choose a camera that is suitable for the installation area.

This information can usually be found in the “operating environment” section at the bottom of the product page.

Infrared cameras

In low-light outdoor conditions, it is necessary to be able to capture images in the dark of night. That’s where cameras with infrared night vision capabilities come in handy.

Backlight compensation

Backlight compensation is a correction function that keeps the subject at the right brightness when shooting in backlight conditions.

If you use a camera without this function, the dark areas will become blacked out when there is a large difference in brightness.

For surveillance cameras that are affected by the morning or evening sun, this function is also essential.

PoE cable for outdoor use

To operate a network camera installed outdoors, two things are necessary: internet connection and power supply. This is where the technology called “PoE” comes in.

PoE is a technology that allows power to be supplied in addition to the LAN cable used for internet connection.

To connect outdoor cameras, it is convenient to use cables that support PoE, as this reduces the amount of wiring required.


When installing cameras outdoors, privacy protection is also important?

There is a possibility that people walking outside the premises may also be captured when installing cameras outdoors. If the surveillance cameras capture information beyond the intended purpose of their installation, it may constitute a violation of privacy. Therefore, when installing cameras, attention should be paid to the range of video capture and resolution.

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Degradation caused by sea breeze?

This only applies when the camera is installed by the sea. Network cameras, which are precision equipment, can rust or malfunction due to sea breeze.

Therefore, when installing a security camera by the sea, it is necessary to choose a housing made of materials that are resistant to rust, such as stainless steel or Teflon, or choose a product with a special coating. Additionally, it is necessary to use screws made of materials that are resistant to rust for installation.

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